Archaic Laws Prevent Homeowner From Kicking Out Family Occupying House ‘Illegally’

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 5:28 am, July 7, 2017

A woman from Georgia claims archaic state laws are preventing her from kicking out a family who started living there without her knowledge.

Dena Everman

Dena Everman, the owner of the vacant property, said after she found the family living there she rang the police in the hope they would help her to have the unwelcome guests removed.

Unfortunately, due to old laws, it transpires the unexpected tenants have a right to remain in the property until they are formally evicted, which could take between four and six weeks, WSB-TV reported.

“I found out in the past week there is some archaic law that says if someone sets up residence in your home, it doesn’t matter how they get in there they have rights until we evict them,” Everman said.

Tamera Pritchett

Tamera Pritchett, the woman who’s currently living in Everman’s house with her fiancé and two children, said she found the property for rent on Craigslist, signed a lease remotely, and paid rent through money order.

She said she only became aware there were questions over the legal status of her rental after the house owner rang police.

Pritchett claims the courthouse told her she has legal rights to remain in the property. “They told us until these people come and forcibly evict us they can’t force us out on our rights.”

The family is seeking a new home but will remain in the property for the time being – seemingly with the blessing of the law.

“We’re not just trying to stay in your home and hold you up on your sale. But at the same time, we just spent $3,000 — that’s not something we can just pull out and immediately move somewhere else, you know,” she said.

Everman slammed the law that allows the family to remain in the property, noting that she may lose a pending sale thanks to the occupiers.

“Outrage. Everybody doesn’t understand why someone who has no legal right to be in my home can stay in my home and I’m the one who has to evict them,” the homeowner said.