Woman Sues Nike Over Viral Ad That Promotes ‘Turning Girls Into Men’

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By Masha Froliak | 3:03 pm, May 30, 2017

A Russian woman is suing sports brand Nike over its viral video ad “What our girls are made of?” claiming the ad is indecent and could “turn girls into men”.

Marina Rybnikova, a self-described “life coach” from Moscow claims that Nike launched an aggressive campaign which could “corrupt young women” and distance them from what is natural and traditional. She is demanding close to $10,000 from Nike for causing “moral harm”.

In a two-minute video, which became the most watched video since the beginning of 2017, a girl is performing a famous original song in front of an audience. The lyrics, which basically enumerate “all the things a girl is made of,” begin with “flowers, marmalade and gossip” and then continue with “determination, ambition, independence and freedom”. At some point the lyrics also say that the girl is “made of bruises and punches, made of bravery and clenched fists,” while showing a female boxer and a woman on a skateboard. Rybnikova claims that Nike’s ad is propaganda that aims at defeminizing women.

“The company severely exploits feminist values and encourages women to abandon traditional role of a woman which is beauty and femininity,” her claim says.

“It’s outrageous that lots of teenagers are watching this on Youtube,” Rybnikova complained to a Russian news site. “Girls could easily go out and start fights after this video, because a famous sports company says bruises are okay. That’s what is so outrageous,” she said.

In addition to compensation for “moral harm” Rybnikova is demanding that Nike write a disclaimer after each video saying that “training in Nike’s clothes doesn’t guarantee a result” as well as a disclaimer which would say how many years it took the athletes in their videos to achieve the results.

The video which was released in February has had almost 9 million hits already.

Here is the video with English subtitles: