HuffPost Desperately Tries to Shift Blame for Hoax Blog Demanding White Men Lose the Vote

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By Kieran Corcoran | 7:32 am, April 20, 2017

The Huffington Post has published a meandering attempt to shift the blame away from itself for posting a hoax blog by a fictional social justice warrior which called for white men to be stripped of the right to vote.

The article, headlined “Could It be Time to Deny White Men the Franchise?”, went viral last week for its claim that banning white men from voting for 20 years would be a good way to advance progressive politics.

Unfortunately, the article, posted on HuffPo‘s South African site, was a joke, written under a pseudonym, which the author never expected to see published.

As Heat Street reportedHuffPo staffers initially loved the controversy, bragging about the article’s traffic figures and posting defences of its logic.

But they timidly deleted the piece and apologised after it became clear that feminist blogger “Shelley Garland” was not a real person, and that they had been tricked.

That could have been the end of it – but Huffington Post staffers instead decided to track the author down and have him apologise, conveniently shifting the blame from their lax editors to the guy who managed to fool them.

The result, published yesterday, is a meandering interview with prankster Marius Roodt, who has lost his job over the furore, in which he says he’s sorry for making HuffPo look stupid.

The article lingers weirdly on Roodt’s “short, stocky” appearance, his clothes, and the fact that he is a sci-fi fan who likes Star Trek – none of which seems particularly relevant to the issue at hand.

It also goes into significant details about how Roodt tricked them in an apparent effort to make themselves look less silly – and emphasizes how apologetic Roodt was that the story got so out of hand and might have amplified racial discord.

However, it completely skirts over the entire point of the hoax – that the reason it got that far is Huffington Post‘s own idiocy in publishing a piece of race-baiting SJW parody which it made no effort to check because it flattered their political bias.