Xbox in Hot Water Over Unfortunately Spelled, N-Word-Sounding Zombie Noise

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By William Hicks | 3:56 pm, November 22, 2016

Welp, it looks like someone on Xbox’s marketing team is getting sacked.

A seemingly harmless promotional email for the new Dead Rising, has turned into a racial gaffe for Microsoft, due to an unfortunately spelled zombie noise.


The top of the email says “NNNGGGHHHHAAAA,” as in “NNNGGGHHHHAAAA, I’ll eat your brains” and not as in “******, I’m  super racist.” But unfortunately many sounded out the word with a hard “G” instead of a soft one, leading to pandemonium.

Well, not that much outrage, but it got Larry Hyb, director of programming for Xbox Live, to draft an official apology.

This whole controversy shows the importance of reading fake words out loud before publishing in print. I’m still getting letters from concerned parents concerned over the name of the capital city, Smoakmethkids, in my latest YA fantasy novel.