Why Tracer Being Gay Is Offensive to Otherkin Like Me

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By Harambe Jenkins | 2:50 pm, December 21, 2016
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Since the reveal by Blizzard that Overwatch’s Tracer is in a lesbian relationship with a woman, the gaming press has been awash in hot takes.

Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson applauds the win for diversity but complained about how the game was still primarily made for white guys.  

“It often feel like a ‘diverse’ game made primarily by straight white guys for straight white guys,” he said. “I think the holiday stuff being so Christmas centric is evidence of that, too.”

Game developer Brianna Wu was mad that Tracer’s too hot to be a good first gay Overwatch character.

But I have a better hot take. A hot take so spicy I caution that readers may burn the roofs of their mouths simply by SKIMMING through this text.

Blizzard’s decision to make Tracer gay was a win for gay people but a loss for people like me. For I am an otherkin, an oppressed minority of people who identify as animals. Specifically in my case, a talking silverback gorilla from the moon.

You see, Overwatch’s Winston character was the first representation I ever received in a major video game. And in my head canon, Tracer was meant to be with Winston, not some rando ginger woman.

The thought that a gorilla from the moon could be with a real human woman gave me hope that I too may one day copulate with a human female. But then the bigots at Blizzard decided to RUIN my Christmas!

Poor Winston will be alone forever… just like me.

At least there’s still Deviant Art to keep my ship alive forever.


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