The Most Anticipated Video Game of 2017 Is About Dads Trying to F*ck Other Dads

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By William Hicks | 2:44 pm, June 22, 2017
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E3 was a bit of a letdown this year. A bunch of boring games that looked just like all the other boring games that came last year. A new Call of Duty *yawn,* a re-re-release of Skyrim *snore,* it seemed like the gaming industry had lost any semblance of originality.

But on Father’s Day that all changed when Game Grumps announced Dream Daddy, a Daddy Dating Sim.

The game’s pretty self explanatory. You play as a customizable dad who is new to the neighborhood. You try to fuck the other dads who are all single for some reason. Aaaand that’s pretty much it. You also have a daughter or something, who I assume encourages you to find more dads to fuck. The game combines the thrilling pursuits of dad-on-dad dating with raising a daughter in a single-parent household.

While there are many games like Dream Daddy, the game is one of the few to examine gay relationships in a non-fetishized way, and the only one that specifically targets dads.

Dream Daddy blew up on social media, especially Tumblr where it became the announcement post that garnered more engagement then any other game at E3.

The game has inspired dozens of fan art recreations from a fanbase that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

But being Tumblr, there were plenty of people trying to find ways to call the game problematic. While almost everyone on the site was down for a dad dating sim, a contingent developed who thought the game was trivializing gay relationships. Others worried the game’s fandom would be overrun by “fujoshis” or women who are fans of anime and manga that feature gay male relationships.


In Tumblr fandoms, there’s a great deal of fan art and fiction created. Apparently some gay men of Tumblr do not want straight women gender bending or pairing the daddies with women in drawings or fanfic.

Other Tumblr grumblings include malice towards the game’s voice actors, Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan. They are the hosts of the popular YouTube channel Game Grumps, which is backing the game. Hanson and Avidan have made certain politically incorrect jokes, and Dan once said about a transgender woman, “she used to be a man.” That’s enough to get them labeled “transmisogynistic,” and get them boycotted by Tumblr folks. 

But on normal social media platforms, people are pretty hyped for a game about dads dating other dads and don’t care who plays it. Although some people are already getting pretty protective over their favorite dads.