Tavis Smiley Blames Chicago Facebook Live Kidnapping on Violent Video Games, Movies

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By William Hicks | 1:16 pm, January 9, 2017
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PBS host Tavis Smiley wrote a guest column for Time to “expose” the real reason why the brutal kidnapping and torture of a disabled man occurred in Chicago last week. 

Instead of the more reasonable left-wing explanation for the crime—like crippling poverty, systemic racism and troubled home lives—Smiley blames art. Specifically violent video games and movies.

How do you think these kids came up with the idea to broadcast this wicked torture scenario? You think they just made this up in their heads? We all know from whence it came… the movies they watch and the video games they play. Mad money is being made off of selling degeneracy to young folk, black and white. The easy access they have to information allows them to make bombs that they take to school, get the guns that they kill each other with and to come up with this kind of torture scene. They see this stuff everyday, everywhere. And then we act surprised when they re-enact it—on Facebook Live. Really?

In the column Smiley takes on the language of an alt right, attributing the problems of young people to cultural “degeneracy.” Citing no findings about the harmful affects of video games and other violent media he assumes a heinous act of kidnapping and torture can be attributed to a casual past time for millions.

The source of anger and resentment that led these four teens to commit the shocking series of crimes likely has complicated and multifaceted origins. To pin it on video games and other art they consume is lazy scapegoating at its finest.

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