Sony’s New Baseball Video Game ‘MLB The Show 17’ Has a Horrifying Face Glitch

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 10:35 am, March 19, 2017
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Video games can elicit strong emotional reactions. From the joy of playing The Legend of Zelda, to the thrill of winning a round of Overwatch, to the tears you’ll be dabbing away from your eyes after a particularly strong moment in The Witcher 3, games are—for many—emotionally cathartic. They can sometimes provoke less desirable emotions, and it’s not always intentional.

As games become more technologically advanced in terms of graphics, so too do their bugs and glitches, which can often result in hilarity. In the case of Sony’s MLB The Show 17, they are vomit-inducing.

Like many other titles, the popular baseball game allows gamers to design their own players to put on the field. This usually results in the creation of funny, if hideous characters. That isn’t quite the case here. Behold:

Trypophobia, or the “fear of holes,” isn’t a real thing. But it might as well be given how horrifying these things look.

The bug occurs when the game’s hair slider is set to the max. Its developer at Sony San Diego Studio revealed the bug while discussing their work on bettering the game’s “graphical improvements.” An improvement this most certainly is not. Given the horrifying reaction I have every time I watch the video they posted, I almost wish they’d leave it in the game, just to see what other monstrosities players create. But maybe I’m just a masochist.

It’s horrifying, and it’s even worse than Assassin’s Creed Unity’s infamous faceless bug.

Here’s some less disgusting glitches to cleanse your palate.

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