‘No Man’s Sky’ Update: Sean Murray Breaks His Silence, but Is Still a Tool

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By Kyle Foley | 1:03 pm, November 28, 2016

To the delight of the few remaining people who haven’t already ditched the game out out of disgust, No Man Sky’s creator has broken his months-long radio silence with a much-needed update to the game.

Boasting features like base building and three types of gameplay, the new update takes several steps to make the game what players originally thought it would be. It would have been great if Sean Murray, the much-maligned man behind the game, had just released the update and left it at that. But instead, he kept up his recent habit of being a complete tool through social media by playing the victim card.

Murray blatantly ignores the thing he was most criticized for: his lack of communication.

No Man’s Sky was one of the most hyped games in recent memory, with Murray promising all sorts of things to players that were never delivered. After months and months of incredible hype, Murray’s decision to go completely silent after negative reaction upon release was shocking and a little frustrating to hordes of disappointed gamers.

The last time Murray had interacted with the public via social media was October 28— to deal with a hacking scandal. Before that, he had remained silent for more than a month, even as gamers demanded he respond to the mushrooming complaints. For Murray to pull the “if you could have lived our lives” card is a slap in the face to anyone that bought the game and wanted answers during those months of silence.

Despite our collective dislike of Murray on the gaming side of Heat Street, many other people seem willing to forgive and congratulate him, with most using this as an opportunity to get back into the game.

Murray couldn’t run an effective PR campaign if his life depended on it, but if the game keeps progressing at this rate we might have to reconsider our animosity toward the poor guy.

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