New Trailer for Naked Norman Reedus Game ‘Death Stranding’ Only Raises More Questions

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By William Hicks | 3:38 pm, December 2, 2016
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For most games, new trailers are meant to provide information and solidify gamers’ understanding of basic questions like what the game is and how it will be played.

Hideo Kojima thinks that idea’s for bush league CoD zombies.

Instead he makes trailers intentionally designed to mindf—k his audience and commit internet detectives to insane asylums trying to figure them out.

And he’s upping his game hyping the naked Norman Reedus simulator “Death Stranding.”

All we know so far is that Norman Reedus is naked, there are dead sea creatures everywhere and everything has an umbilical cord (except for naked Norman Reedus, of course).

The new trailer has no naked Norman Reedus but does add fully clothed Guillermo Del Torro and Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal, Casino Royale), WWII planes with umbilical cords, and an upside-down rainbow.

For better or worse, the game will be unshackled from Kojima’s former corporate overlord Konami (who allegedly locked him in a room during the production of MGS V). Having no suits around telling him to keep his crazy ideas to himself will certainly drive this game off the rails — hopefully in a good way.

Guillermo del Torro seems incredibly on board with this (especially after Konami cancelled his Silent Hills game).

But besides the corporate politics, is there anything tangible to be gleaned from the trailer? Internet sleuths on Reddit are on the case. 

For one, it appears the game takes place in the United States, or at least takes place in some alternate reality of the real world. Guillermo del Torro’s character has a badge with the US map covered in a spider web with the word “Bridges.”


And unsurprisingly the umbilical cords or lack thereof appears to have major significance. Both naked Norman Reedus and a baby doll in the second trailer have scars where their belly buttons should be.

Del Torro appears to have a scar on his forehead as well. Perhaps both he and naked Norman Reedus underwent some sort of surgery to avoid whatever evil befell the world? Whatever is wrong with the dystopia appears to have to do with the umbilical cords that have ensnared Mads Mikkelsen and all the dead sea creatures.


Another point of interest is that Mads Mikkelsen’s squad of soldiers (attached to him by their own umbilical cords) appear to be spooky skeletons. Seriously wtf is going on?

Also the skeletons have WWII gear while Mads has modern military gear. Does this mean there will be a time travel element to the game or are these World War relics brought back from the dead?

death stranding video game awards trailer 2016


Kojima was on Twitter today saying that the trailer is filled with both hints and red herrings. Who knows what is a misdirection and what is crucial to the actual game. And regardless we are a long way from finding out the most important fact, how the hell the game will actually be played.

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