Libs Unironically Self-Gratifying Themselves at the Prospect of Shooting Republicans in Far Cry 5

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By William Hicks | 4:22 pm, May 24, 2017
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A new Far Cry’s coming out, cool. It’s set in Montana, sweet. You fight some kind of weird religious cult/militia, sign me up!

My day was going great until the people who make me mad online had to ruin it.

Yep, the new poster for Far Cry 5 shows a group of white people with an American flag who are presumably the bad guys and liberals are tripping over themselves in an orgy of self gratification at the prospect of shooting potential Trump voters in the virtual space.

Movie Bob Chipman, the Super Mario fetishist film reviewer, who’s political beliefs can be described as intersectional eugenics, had this to say:

Here’s another cuck from New York Rag (get it?) absolutely gushing at the prospect of playing the most egregious white genocide simulator since Battlefield 1. 

Oof low engagement. Better luck next time, Faildman. I’m not mad.

Whelp you’re probably starting to realize I wrote this whole article out of personal grievance, but fuck it I’ll keep going.

Look at this! How dare you photoshop our president!

Shit, I’m running out of outrage juice. Lemme just put in a few more easy bait tweets from nobodies.

One more.

Hurr durr, it has to satirize the literal Republican party, not just random rednecks in Montana. Great take Arthur.

I hate everything. I’m done.

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