Redditors Are Already Figuring Out Westworld’s Maze Puzzle

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By William Hicks | 12:10 pm, October 17, 2016

To the casual viewer of HBO’s Westworld, the show gives scant clues as to what the hell’s going on with the maze. This game within a game marks the obsession of the show’s man in black character — and now of a few Redditors as well.

One Reddit user on r/westworld, seems to have made some major breakthroughs with the maze puzzle (or could just be banging his/her head against a wall).

User damnYouArcGIS believes the maze pattern on the scalp the man in black removed in episode 1 is actually a cross section of a three dimensional spherical maze.

westworld scalp


According to the Redditor, a 2D map would be far too simple a puzzle for someone like the man in black to devote his life to. Also, the way the scalp maze is set up with “relatively few doorways, the tendency towards concentric rings, and the empty space in the centers,” implies a cross section, not an actual maze.


This 3D maze would be located underground alongside the laboratory where the Westworld staff work and monitor the theme park.

Finding the entrance to this maze is a large part of the puzzle and may have to do with the constellation carvings that the runaway host was found making in episode 3.

In episode 2, a little girl says, possibly referencing the location of the maze, “Follow the Blood Arroyo to where the snake lays its eggs.” Arroyo means stream in Spanish, so presumably she means the muddy stream that runs alongside Westworld.

DamnYouArcGIS thinks the snake may relate to the northern constellation serpens, a symbol of rebirth. So to find the entrance of the maze you would follow the creek until you’re underneath the snake’s tail, the place where it lays the eggs.

We know the park’s deceased founder Arnold created some kind of program that whispered thoughts into the hosts’ heads. We can assume that some of these thoughts led the one runaway host to gain knowledge of constellations in order to find the maze’s secrets, or at least help others.

In conclusion damnYouArcGIS thinks the entire game within a game is an elaborate “Turing test” for the hosts to discover and gain real consciousness.

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