VP-Elect Pence Booed At ‘Hamilton’ By Liberal Crowd Siding With George III

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By Louise Mensch | 10:12 pm, November 18, 2016
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UPDATE (11:00am): President Elect Trump has denounced the cast of Hamilton.

UPDATE (11:07pm): The cast of Hamilton read a graceless statement at the end of the show to their captive audience member, who was gracious enough to hear them out without challenging them to a duel.

And he’s in the NRA, too, so guess they got lucky there.

‘Hamilton’ is meant to be a show for all Americans. It stars a patient Vice-President and the ultimate Wall Street banker and Republican.

But tonight it was debased by liberals booing the Vice-President Elect, Mike Pence.

The crowd booed and cheered as Pence entered:

and, according to reports, gave the King George character a 3 minute ovation as the actor reportedly glared at Pence and sang “You’re on your own” right at him – a line from “You’ll Be Back” (meaning America).

One problem. In that song, mad King George, the snob, is telling working-class America they will never make it without the Brits.

If he’s singing “You’re on your own” to Mike Pence, it means he sees the Vice-President Elect  – wait for it — [pun intended] – as America.

Republicans one, liberal luvvies ruining a man’s night out at the theater, zero.

At least this Vice President won’t shoot the man dead just because he’s offended. We hope.

Let’s pray the Richard Rogers Theater becomes the Room Where This Shit Doesn’t Happen.

One brave person did ask the really important question though: