Tomi Lahren Reportedly Suspended From ‘The Blaze’ Amid Uproar Over Pro-Choice Comments

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:35 pm, March 20, 2017

The Blaze anchor Tomi Lahren been suspended from the network for at least a week, according to sources speaking to the Daily Caller.

Lahren caused a stir among conservatives over the weekend for revealing that she was pro-choice and taking a libertarian approach to the topic of abortion. Right-leaning talk-show hosts and political commentators lashed out at Lahren, including her boss at The Blaze, network founder Glenn Beck.

Beck promised to address the situation on his radio show Monday, but before he had the chance, a source within the network told the Daily Caller that Lahren, whose contract with The Blaze is up in September, wouldn’t be returning to her time slot at least until next week.

Its not immediately clear if Lahren’s comments on abortion are to blame for her suspension. The Caller mentions that there was considerable tension between Lahren and some of her Blaze colleagues, including head-lining hosts.

But Lahren is well known for making controversial statements; her commentary on abortion is far from the only thing even conservatives have voiced concern over.

The University of Las Vegas Nevada grad joined The Blaze after only a short stint at One America News Network, and has angered viewers with her statements on everything from Black Lives Matter to Beyonce.

There has also been talk lately that Lahren would be moving on from Beck’s network, seeking a more prominent position in network news, or even in the Trump administration; the President reportedly called Lahren to congratulate her after she defended him on Sean Hannity’s primetime show.