The Best and Worst Celebrity Responses to the Dallas Shooting

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:12 pm, July 8, 2016

Without fail, the loudest response to events such as the one in Dallas and the ones earlier in the week in Minnesota and Louisiana, come from celebrities and political leaders with access to social media accounts.

Like all Americans, political opinions among celebrities vary, but so does the ability to respond to a tragedy in a measured, responsible way. We’ve collected some of the best and worst responses to Thursday’s Dallas shooting from people who know (or should know better).


Donald Trump: Sure, he’s usually known for his bombastic (and occasionally opportunist) responses to national tragedy, but the Republican front-runner took a careful and understated approach to Dallas and managed to strike the perfect tone.

Lin Manuel Miranda: The Hamilton scribe (and star) was one of the few celebrities to directly honor the fallen Dallas officers by listing their names, rather than the name of the shooter.

Kevin Hart: The comedian decided to stress hope and not tragedy with his message to followers this morning, helping to raise the mood on social media.

Mark Cuban: The Dallas-based billionaire had a strong and considerate message for his fellow Texans as they faced tragedy.

Steve Harvey: The comedian and talk show host had a strong and well-reasoned approach to the Dallas tragedy that honored the lives of the fallen law enforcement officers while also helping to keep the week’s earlier events – the shooting deaths of two black men by police officers – in mind.


Joe Walsh: The former Congressman turned radio host Tweeted a divisive message that looked to be threatening violence, just as the news of a sniper attack was coming out of Dallas. He quickly deleted the Tweet, but the damage was done.

Jada Pinkett Smith: Speaking to TMZ reporters, Jada Pinkett Smith appeared to lay the blame for the five officers killed in Dallas at the hands of law enforcement, implying that the existence of a “desperate community” could result in “desperate things.”

Kim Kardashian West: The ubiquitous reality television star seemingly missed out on twelve hours of news coverage, opening her Friday with a tone-deaf statement on gun violence that addressed earlier shootings, but completely failed to mention the events in Dallas, or acknowledge the Dallas police officers’ deaths.

Shonda Rhimes: The Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy creator started out with a positive social media message but the Democratic mega-donor quickly took on an angry political tone, using the Dallas tragedy to push an ideological agenda.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: While his boss, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, was first out of the gate with a touching and kind overture to both victims and protesters, Patrick took a less reserved approach, blaming #BlackLivesMatter for inciting the Thursday night’s violence.