The Art of Alcohol: Millennials, Here’s How to Elevate Your Drinking Game

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By Vivek Nagrani | 2:09 pm, October 2, 2016

Say what? Millennials might be turning out to be the most sophisticated generation of drinkers in a long time.

According to USA TODAY, millennials consumed half of the wine in the US last year. That is 159.6 million cases of wine.

Well, it does make sense since most of you grew up in a far more privileged setting. But what is even more surprising is that many among this entitled group are not just looking at prices, but actually appreciating and seeking a better understanding of alcohol. The rise of domestic light beers, craft beers and rosé can clearly be attributed to the millennials.

According to Forbes: “Millennials are also a driving force in rosé’s growth. As a group, their desire to connect with a wine, to understand its origins and the stories behind its producers, mean that they are more apt to demand of rosé the same perceived authenticity as they do any other wine, whether it’s red, white, or sparkling.”

Millennials are also less likely than their predecessors to drink California wine. Instead, they gravitate more towards more exotic varietals (Australian grapes, anyone?).

Yet as your generation comes into its own, it is important to elevate your game. When it comes to drinking at the next level, you may want to pay attention. Men, more than women, will be defined by their choice in alcohol. For females, the mood often depicts her choice in alcohol and rarely does she have a “go to” drink.

Men, on the other hand, must understand that their choice in beverage is a non-verbal way of self-expression. For example, Red Bull with anything lets us know that you are still in college or think you are still in college and should really not be drinking.

As you mature, there is an art to drinking. First and foremost, drinking to get drunk is stupid. Being sloppy, stupid or going ape shit as a result of drinking should be a hint to check into rehab.

With maturity comes an appreciation for better booze and an understanding of how to drink like a gent. Scotch, often referred to as ‘the nectar of the God’s’ is the drink of choice for the gent.

Unlike its counterparts, scotch differs from whiskey because scotch has to come from Scotland. Unlike whiskey, scotch has to age for a minimum of three years versus whiskey which requires only one year.

Both are made from grain mash or barley. Bourbon differs in two ways, it has no aging requirement and is made primarily with corn rather than barley.

Whatever your choice – I recommend enjoying all three – one should drink with intention.

Given your sophisticated pallets, you have a variety of small batch choices. Even more important is how to drink the nectar of the Gods. One to three cubes of ice or a few drops of water are all that is needed.  If you need more ice or a mixer, you are probably drinking some shit stuff, so elevate.

And most important, the glass in which you drink from should be right. Weight matters.