‘Supernatural’ Actor Mark Pellegrino Attacked for Opposing Leftist Authoritarianism

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 11:38 am, May 30, 2017

Lost and Supernatural actor Mark Pellegrino became the subject of controversy Tuesday after his Supernatural co-actor Adam Rose tweeted out a selfie of the two of them hanging out with the words “Thanks for being awesome. Always love hanging out with you. Even though you’re Lucifer himself.”

Despite being an innocuous tweet, Rose stated that he received a lot of hate for making it. The nice guy that he is, Rose even apologized for hurting anyone’s feelings over the previous statement. So why would anyone be upset about a selfie of two actors on the same show?

The answer lies with Pellegrino’s politics. While not a Trump supporter, Pellegrino has been calling out the left’s authoritarian streak and its attempts to shut down free speech through political correctness. He joins the ranks of politically incorrect actors like Adam Baldwin and Into the Badlands star Daniel Wu, who spoke out against the concept of cultural appropriation.

Pellegrino, who identifies as a classical liberal, has been calling out the hypocrisy of both extreme sides of the political spectrum for months. He openly speaks out against progressive authoritarianism, to the chagrin of ideologues.

“As a political outsider here’s what I’ve noticed. FACTS are whatever you agree with while alternative facts are what you don’t agree with,” he wrote during an intense argument on Twitter.

“The left are indeed scared to criticize ideologies, but only the really brutal ones that are close enough to actually DO something to them. There’s nothing worse than a coward rationalizing his silence and appeasement of evil by projecting his own disowned fears on others.”

Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer

In a separate argument, the actor who played Jacob on Lost criticized the hypocrisy of the progressive left’s enforcement of political correctness.

“I thought the left liked choice and abhorred force. Why do I see the left always agitating for violence and limiting choices and restraining trade?” He asked. He also pointed out all the ways the left pushes its brand of politically correct authoritarianism:

“The philosophy of the left that encourages violence against some for the benefit of others. The language authoritarianism of PC. The anti-free speech movements on campuses around the country. Please don’t try to compete here. I am not a right winger and not out to defend Their brand of social violence. Only pointing out that the left’s violence is palpable and evil too.”

Pellegrino has also spoken out against communism with a rational defense of capitalism and economic liberty.

“There is nothing that says ‘change’ in YOUR economic paradigm. It’s statism with a different name. Whether it’s national socialism, communism, democratic socialism, it’s just a gun. And your attempt to paint the gun pink doesn’t change what it is: an instrument of violence which you are perfectly willing to use against INNOCENT people. If you actually knew ANYTHING about price and profit you would understand that resources can ONLY be sustained by capitalism and that they are depleted by the statism that YOU promote.”

As for Adam Rose, he’s unfazed by his association with his politically-outspoken counterpart. In response to the hatred he received following the selfie, he wrote: “I don’t have to agree with someone politically to respect them as a friend and artist. Shutting people out with opposing views is dangerous.”

“Also: I can disagree with how one uses their platform and simultaneously disagree with another not using their platform at all,” he added. “Imagine that.”

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.