Shot-by-Shot Analysis: Beauty and the Beast’s ‘Exclusively Gay Moment’

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By William Hicks | 1:24 pm, March 20, 2017

Disney has caused worldwide pandemonium with their stunning and brave decision to include in Beauty and the Beast an “exclusively gay moment” (in the words of its director, Bill Condon). It was promised that character LeFou, played by Josh Gad, would have a scene in which he explores his sexuality, and not in a straight way.

The exclusively gay moment caused Russia to reclassify the film to “adults only.” Malaysia refused to screen the film without editing out the exclusively gay moment. Kuwait’s censors have pulled the film for edits. And one Alabama theater was so shocked and appalled by the thought of an exclusively gay moment that it decided not to show the movie at all.

So now that Beauty has hit theaters, what’s really the deal with the exclusively gay moment? How gay is it? Will it make you question your own sexuality? Will it turn Malaysian kids gay?

We investigate with the in depth analysis you’ve come to expect out of Heat Street. 

The exclusively gay moment begins very heterosexually with LeFou dancing with some random woman. 


Out of nowhere another man cuts into the dance! This is where the moment turns from exclusively straight to exclusively gay. 


They embrace. The moment gets gayer and gayer the longer the eye contact is prolonged. 


They do a full gay turn before the camera cuts away. 


And just as quickly as it began, the exclusively gay moment ends. All in all it lasts less than two seconds. But two seconds which were by all accounts gay, exclusive and a moment. 

Thanks Disney! Consider gay equality officially achieved.

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