REVEALED: Kid Rock Boasted to John McEnroe About Smoking Weed on White House Lawn

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By Heat Street Staff | 3:26 pm, June 19, 2017

The list of celebrities who have confessed to smoking pot at the White House just got longer. Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and Bob Beckel have all previously confessed to rolling a joint at the President’s Palace.

Now fiery tennis elder statesman John McEnroe has revealed that bad boy singer Kid Rock boasted to him about smoking marijuana on the White House lawn during the first term of the Obama years.

McEnroe serves up the unlikely anecdote in his upcoming memoir But Seriously. Along with his wife Patty Smyth,  he recalls he was invited to attend the Kennedy Center Honors in December 2010 where Oprah Winfrey and Paul McCartney were being feted.

He writes: “The next day we went to the White House for a small reception of about a hundred people. That’s where everyone got to stand in line and meet the President himself….as soon as we were done, I joined a few musicians, including Kid Rock and Jamey Johnson, who were huddled outside.

“I detected an aroma that you wouldn’t normally associate with the White House. ‘Yeah, we were just smoking dope on the White House lawn,’ Kid Rock told me. And no, in case you’re wondering, I didn’t inhale.”

McEnroe doesn’t specify that country music singer Johnson joined Rock in lighting up but given that he was a co-collaborator on It’s All Going to Pot (with Willie Nelson) which was released on April 20—a landmark day in the cannabis cultural calendar—it’s a safe presumption that he partook as well.

McEnroe also records his interactions with President Trump who was touched by a  letter of support he received from McEnroe’s father John Patrick McEnroe Sr (who died last February) just after he announced his 2016 presidential election bid.

McEnroe writes that during the US Open in 2015, Mike Tirico,  the NBC anchor who was then at ESPN with McEnroe, persuaded them to go and meet Trump: “So I took Mike over, and sure enough ESPN showed it on TV—me hugging Donald like we were long-lost brothers or something.

“Trump did seem more pleased to see me than he usually would be, and I only realized why when he started saying, ‘John, thank you so much for the letter you wrote. I’ve already got it up on the wall in my office!’

“I hoped this was fake news, because I didn’t want everyone who went into Donald Trump’s office during the election thinking I was his number one fan. Thanks, Dad. I owe you one. Now that Donald has been elected President of the United States, there might be an ambassadorship for me.”