Post-Election Episode of ‘South Park’ Was Kind of a Letdown

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By William Hicks | 5:32 pm, November 10, 2016
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After a shocking election upset by Donald Trump, the country needed some kind of mass-marketed media to chew on and contextualize the situation. With late night hosts befuddled, the job should have been done by ‘South Park.’

But, unfortunately, it appears the show’s creators Matt and Trey hedged their bets on a Clinton presidency and had to scramble last minute to reconfigure the show for its Wednesday night airing.

While some of the Trump-related scenes were on the mark, the episode as a whole fell flat. Mr Garrison (the show’s Trump stand-in) won the election promising to
make America great again by fucking all the country’s enemies to death. Randy Marsh, pacified at the results, tells his daughter, “Oh come on Shelly, we’ve learned that women can be anything except for president.” But that was about it. Just a few rushed scenes.

They  even left in some scenes obviously meant for the Clinton wins episode “The First Gentleman”—like the one where Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby opened a Gentlemen’s Club.

You can’t completely blame Matt and Trey for not snapping out of their post-election shock and spinning comedy gold, but it’s still disappointing. America needed to laugh about Trump’s victory and instead we were left as bewildered as Randy after Caitlyn Jenner vomited member berries in his face.

The takeaway from the episode, if there was one, is that people freaking out over Trump need a distraction. One can only deal with reboots of tired franchises. America deserves better.