‘Outsiders’ Author S.E. Hinton Crucified on Social Media for Saying Her Characters Aren’t Gay

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By William Hicks | 1:20 pm, October 20, 2016
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When most authors are confronted with questions of whether a character they wrote is gay, transgender, different race, etc., they usually just weasel out by saying it’s up to interpretation.

But not Outsiders author S.E. Hinton. She had an answer, one that’s really pissing people off. Some dude on Twitter asked her if Johnny and Dally had the hots for each other, and she just flat-out said “no.”


Some on Twitter not only thought that Hinton’s response was homophobic but also quite rude. Now a good ole’ outrage mob has it out for Hinton for daring to take a stand on her decades-old characters’ sexuality.

Hinton spent the ensuing days arguing with social justice warriors incensed about her comments.


Hinton unknowingly stepped into a turd pile of controversy that has been raging as far back as Star Trek,  the original series. Subtexters, or people who see homosexual subtext in a work of fiction (i.e. Kirk and Spock) often virulently defend their position on social media. Hinton unknowingly enraged the Johnny/Dally subtexters by ruining the relationship existing in their heads, and therefore must suffer the consequences in her Twitter mentions for weeks to come.

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