Oprah Under Fire for Being Optimistic About Trump

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By Kyle Foley | 11:07 am, November 12, 2016

After this week’s surprise election result, many folks on the Internet are still curled up in a ball crying at the thought of President Donald Trump. Oprah Winfrey, however, refuses to be so pessimistic.

After seeing President-elect Trump and President Obama meet in the Oval Office, Oprah said it gave her hope for the future. She saw what she says was a humbled Trump showing newfound respect for the president, and she believes that Obama’s positive outlook on the future is enough to give people hope.

“To hear President Obama say that he has renewed confidence in the peaceful transition, I think everybody can take a deep breath,” she continued. “Everybody can take a deep breath now! Thank you.”

Some people, though, are now teeing off on the talk show host for seeing glimmers of hope, including comedian and actor Patton Oswalt.

The wokeness brigade made it a point to tell Oprah that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about because she is rich and privileged.

Many people probably didn’t even listen to her comments before getting popping off, and at least one guy admitted to it.

Oprah was a proud endorser of Hillary Clinton and is by no means a fan of Trump, but she wanted to give people hope and calm some nerves in what have become very tense times. The people that needed to hear that just didn’t want to listen.

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