Netflix Assailed as ‘Homophobic’ for Canceling ‘Sense8’

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By William Hicks | 9:13 pm, June 1, 2017

Sense8 is the gayest show on Netflix (besides the explicitly gay ones). It features a transgender lesbian hacker and a gay dude. The series showrunners are even two trans women, Lilly and Lana Wachowski, the creators of The Matrix. 

The show is about eight people from around the world who share an emotional and telepathic connection, and are able to feel each other’s feelings. So by that logic you can say they all kind of have gender dysmorphia and are therefore trans. There’s even an orgy scene in the show’s Christmas special where they all have sex with each other, making them all kind of gay too.

What I’m trying to say is every character at least dips their toes into the LGBTQIA+ swimming pool.

But unfortunately this progressive lovefest met its untimely end today when Netflix decided to cancel Sense8 before its third season.  Some people online are even calling it an act of homophobia.

Neflix keeps the viewing numbers under wraps, so it’s not certain exactly why they cancelled the show, but that won’t stop people from attacking them for imagined bigotry.

And apparently it has something to do with Pride Month.

People on Tumblr are of course having reasonable reactions. “Netflix, I hope you burn,” wrote.

Many on questioning why Netflix is renewing 13 Reasons Why, a surprise gangbuster hit for the company, and not Sense8 (HINT: it probably has to do with viewing numbers).

Aaannnd of course there’s already a petition calling on Netflix to renew the show, not out of financial incentives but to improve the world with diversity, love and understanding.

“It is not just a tv show, to watch for fun, instead of just being that, Sense 8 has given the world a new way of seeing others: with acceptance, love and understanding,” read the petition.

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