NBC’s ‘The Wall’ Is the Most Pro-Trump Piece of Entertainment Since ‘Rogue One’

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By William Hicks | 12:36 pm, December 19, 2016
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Last week, Heat Street dutifully reported the subversive pro-Trump messaging in Star War’s Rogue One that somehow exceeded the absolute Trumpfest which was Home Alone 2. 

But now NBC is upping the ante with The Wall, part game show, part Trump propaganda psy-op. Trump already receives yuuuuge sums of money by NBC for his role as executive producer of the ongoing Celebrity Apprentice, so why wouldn’t they also want to stroke his ego?

The show hosted by Chris Hardwick and produced by LeBron James puts contestants in front of a four-story luxurious Wall, which stands between them and their hopes and dreams. This Wall is speculated by many to be a subtle homage to the greatness and splendor to come once America is finally made great again.


The new game show is basically a bigger Plinko, with incredibly high stakes. Contestants answer questions, and if they get it right a ball drops down and they make money. But if they get a question wrong, a red ball drops and they can lose money. Almost like the high stakes presidential debates, sort of.

“There’s highs and there’s lows and there’s heartbreaking moments but then in a second, it can all change,” Hardwick said about the election The Wall. “And that’s exactly the kind of journey, I assume or hope people take away from this show, is being able to experience that.”

While Hardwick may have been talking about the game show, this quote could also be used to describe the amazing upset victory of Donald J. Trump. There is no way this is a coincidence.

If this blatant Plinko rip off is The Wall Trump promised, then he is already shaping up to be the greatest president that existed on Earth ever.

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