Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Final ‘Hamilton’: Heat Street’s 11 Year Old Reviewer

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By Taj Papino-Wood | 11:06 am, July 11, 2016


While I was sitting in my chair, I was so excited I almost burst out of my skin. I couldn’t believe I was going to see Hamilton, the play everybody wanted to see! It was unbelievable that I was sitting there! The actors came out one by one, each time, the crowd exploded. When Lin came out, it was so loud, it sounded like the world was cracking in half. Everybody was screaming so much, the actors had to wait for a while until the crowd calmed down. They roared as if they were in a baseball stadium instead of in a theater. Outside, the crowds in the street were insane and held back by barriers.

A street artist completes her painting of Lin-Manuel Miranda started before the matinee performance June 8, and finished by the final evening show

I loved the first number, and it was cool how the song explained who played what part in Hamilton’s life. It is interesting how Lin was able to recreate Hamilton’s life, and incorporate himself into the play; that was a very cool aspect of the play.

I think that the musical effect as a whole was great, as it really added to each moment. I was in awe when the songs came on, the stage lit up, everybody was dancing around, and everything was so energetic! It was as if somebody plugged everybody up with a super charged battery, and then gave them energy shakes. It was amazing how everybody knew where to go and how to sing. I loved all of the lyrics and how each line had meaning. It wasn’t just senseless rapping like you usually hear on the radio now.

The 'Hamilton' stage set before the matinee, June 8th
The ‘Hamilton’ stage set before the matinee, June 8th

I think the actors did a terrific job playing their parts. I find it incredible how everybody was able to memorize all of the lines, even when they switched characters. It was like somebody added an extra part to their brain, devoted just to memory. I found Daveed Diggs very funny as Thomas Jefferson. “What’d I miss” was one of my favorite numbers just because of his performance. He was hilarious when he first came on and everybody was cheering for him and then he told them to stop. Then he had them cheer for him again; it was hysterical. The actors were great at making the crowd laugh and become a part of the play, especially King George the third. I personally thought that he could be a comedian. It was also funny how they spoke with modern slang, as if they knew they were in the past, and were making fun of it.

In the end, I loved the entire play. My takeaway is that Hamilton had a great legacy and a very interesting life. He was a great influence on the government and was very useful to the nation and the military. I feel really bad for Hamilton because his father ran away from him, and his mother got sick and died. Then he lived with his older cousin, but the cousin committed suicide. Hamilton’s childhood was surrounded by death and desertion, which is really sad. It must have been very stressful for him, having such a traumatic childhood, and I understand why he might have pushed himself more than if those traumatic events hadn’t happened. Over all, this was an awesome play, I give it five stars.