Jurassic World Director Caves to Feminist Complaints About Bryce Dallas Howard’s High Heels

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 4:48 pm, December 2, 2016

Bryce Dallas Howard’s strong female character in Jurassic World wasn’t enough for the perpetually offended, who easily found of ways to complain about her role and the depiction of the character.

Besides whining about the “toxic masculinity” of her co-star Chris Pratt and his manliness, critics savaged the film and its director, Colin Trevorrow, for dressing Howard’s character, Claire, in high heels as she made her way through the movie, running from one prehistoric beast or another.

It wasn’t the only controversy to blight the blockbuster film, of course — grody beardo Devin Faraci complained extensively about the “cruel and unusual” death of a side character by the aquatic mosasaurus. The Mary Sue took serious issue with Howard’s lack of maternal instinct, while finding ways to call the movie sexist because all the dinosaurs were female while their trainers were male. Go figure.

In all its myriad issues, the outraged critics agreed on one thing: Claire’s impractical footwear was a problem. The high heels became a subject of controversy, referenced in every other review and outrage piece about the show’s problematic elements.

Speaking to Collider, Howard expressed her surprise at the backlash over her shoes. It only seemed logical that her character would be wearing high heels throughout the film. As the theme park’s operations manager, Claire didn’t expect to run around and get herself knee-deep in dinosaur dung.

“She never intended to go in the jungle,” Howard said. “And if she was in flats, that would be a cheat.”

That said, Howard seems to be taking the whole thing in stride. In an interview with Huffington Post earlier this year, the actress said she had a lot of fun with the backlash.

“Oh my gosh! It’s my favorite stuff, just the GIFs online,” she said. “I mean, did you see the really funny thing where it had everyone from the previous film, including the dinosaurs, wearing heels? That was hilarious. It’s obviously something totally unexpected, and I have a running joke for the rest of my life perhaps. I can be one of those people that’s constantly referencing it, even 80 years from now.”

Trevorrow, who’s co-writing the upcoming movie, tweeted an image of boots today to let moviegoers and critics alike know that Claire will be wearing boots this time around.

Social justice warriors on Twitter are ecstatic over the revelation, of course, acting like they just won a victory for women’s suffrage. Of all the things to be worried about in the world, a story about a fictional character that runs in high heels has become the hottest issue among hashtag activists.

Trevorrow might please a few people with new footwear for Claire, but there’s no doubt they’ll find something else to complain about when the movie comes out in 2018.