Jezebel Is Angry That Serena Williams Is in an Interracial Relationship with a Redditor

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By Heat Street Staff | 1:59 pm, December 30, 2016
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When normal people heard the news that tennis champion Serena Williams and Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian were engaged, they shrugged or smiled or had some other blasé reaction to news of two celebs they don’t know personally shacking up.

But not the feminist blog Jezebel. They couldn’t let their contempt for both f—king white males and Redditors stay buried long enough to write up the news piece.

The author of the Jezebel article was pissed Williams left her “culturally important” relationship with the crippled boy on Degrassi, Drake, to engage in an interracial relationship with Ohanian. Jezebel has long been rooting against Williams and Ohanian, once calling the relationship a “media conspiracy.”

Jezebel also hated the fact Williams announced her marriage on Reddit of all places, a site they never forgave for firing its feminist CEO Ellen Pao. Despite never having used Reddit, the author includes written groans and asides at the mere mention of the popular social news site beloved by millions.

And being a tolerant leftist, she ends the article with a threat.

“I swear to god, Mr. Alexis Ohanian, if you hurt Serena in any way, shape, or form, you’re gonna need more than the teen trolls lurking within the walls of your website to save you. Good luck to the couple—I wish you both nothing but happiness.”