Jared Kushner Has Broken Keith Olbermann

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By Joe Simonson | 5:43 pm, May 31, 2017
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Keith Olbermann’s had quite the interesting career.  From fired sportscaster to fired cable news commentator, he’s found a new home: A men’s clothing magazine. In between looking at $3,000 sweaters or $200 undershirts, GQ readers can listen to the soothing voice of Olbermann screaming about Donald Trump and the Republican legislative agenda.  If that doesn’t seem to make very much sense — you’re not alone.

Olbermann’s shtick hasn’t changed much from the Bush years where, you guessed it, he screamed about President George Bush and his legislative agenda.  This week, he’s directing his ire against Jared Kushner and the news that the FBI is investigating his potential links with the Russians.

It’s certainly a topic worth pontificating about, but it seems like Olbermann is having a Marco Rubio moment and simply repeating his demand—over and over and over again—that Kushner gets arrested. Let’s take a look at how many times the record playing in Olbermann’s brain skipped:






I wonder how he feels about Kushn—six.

If you’re going to send out the same video, at least get a little more creative (seven).

Eight (and it’s only noon!).

Mixing it up a little bit on his ninth tweet.

At least on No. 10, Olbermann is trying to act like he has something new to share.

It’s almost like a religious ritual at this point.

Immediately.  I feel his frustration.

Arrested when? Now.

Thirteen times in almost 13 hours. Maybe if Olbermann wears his pajamas inside out and puts a spoon under his pillow, he can wake up to a breaking report of Kushner exiting the White House in handcuffs.

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