Internet Decides That Kim Kardashian Jewel Heist in Paris Was Probably an Inside Job

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:36 pm, October 4, 2016

Forty-eight hours have passed since Kim Kardashian reportedly pleaded for her life as five burglars robbed her of millions in jewelry, but the Internet is still asking questions about how a security-obsessed reality star, with a huge entourage, staying in an apartment built like a bank vault, could be the victim of such a violent crime.

At this point, investigators have settled on the same two options the Internet has. Either Kim Kardashian faked the whole thing for publicity and is scamming an insurance company by claiming her $4.5 million diamond ring was stolen by sophisticated cat burglars—but, more likely, that it was an inside job.

Kim fled France before investigators were able to get anything but basic details, so they only have what’s leaked to the press to go on. According to French police, no security cameras caught the robbers on tape, and the only witness to the crime—one of Kim’s stylist friends—was alerted to Kim’s troubles after the robbers had already fled on bicycle.

According to sources close to the investigation, however, police are operating on the theory that the robbers had some inside knowledge of Kim’s whereabouts, whether through contract with her security team, through one of her friends, or possibly one of the thousands of people who typically surround the reality television show family when they go abroad for Fashion Week.

Complicating matters, Kim broadcasts her location—and her expensive jewelry—almost constantly on social media, so eagle-eyed professional robbers could have easily pieced things together.

For now, though, Kim is lying low.