How Warren Buffett Struggled with his Cameo Appearances on ‘All My Children’

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 10:52 am, March 20, 2017
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Together with his love of playing bridge and penchant for telling risque jokes, a frequently-cited random fact about billionaire investor Warren Buffett is that he made cameo appearances on ABC’s long-running soap opera All My Children.

The sage of Omaha played himself three times between 1992 and 2008 offering financial and personal advice to All My Children‘s notorious villain Erica Kane. This has often been presented as a breezy bit of trivia to accentuate the human side of the 86-year-old’s persona.

But according to My Life to Live, the new memoir from Agnes Nixon, the creator of All My Children, Buffett struggled with his scenes and insisted on retakes.

Nixon writes: “I will never forget the day in the studio when he insisted on redoing a scene. When Warren asked for a retake, it was because he honestly felt he did not portray his part as he should have. He turned to the director and said, ‘I really muffed that scene. I want to do it over.’ The director said it was terrific and that we didn’t need a retake. But Warren was adamant because, in his heart, he knew he could have done it better. ‘Please, do me a favor and retake the scene,” he said.

“So I went up to the director and said, ‘You’d better retake it.’ The director said, ‘If we do, it’s going to take this crew into overtime. Do you want that?’ I said, ‘Do you want Warren to take back his five hundred fifty million dollars?’ ”

That was a reference to Buffett- whose fortune is estimated at more than $75 million—supplying $550 million of the $3.2 billion with which Capital Cities Communications took over ABC in 1985.

Nixon adds: “And so the scene was reshot. Warren was terrific and was pleased.”

All My Children ran for 41 years before it was axed by ABC in 2011 (an online afterlife didn’t last very long) so now Buffett has to contend himself with guest appearances on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

My Life to Live is published tomorrow.