How Time Warner Killed a Popular and Groundbreaking Comedy Series Because It Took on Liberals

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By Joe Simonson | 7:20 am, December 15, 2016

It’s no secret that Hollywood and the media believes only one political persuasion is worthy of a star on the Walk of Fame. And it’s no secret that anyone who tries challenging the liberal media consensus will get snuffed out—quickly.

For the latest example of this, look no further than Sam Hyde, the lead comedian behind the comedy troupe Million Dollar Extreme.

Hyde’s comedy doesn’t “exterminate” Republican talking points, nor does he sit at a desk asking his audience why Americans don’t have a single-payer healthcare system, despite it being 2016. Instead of lazily copying the comedic formulas plaguing late-night television, Hyde has spent the last 10 years doing something completely different altogether.

And for the left, that’s precisely his problem.

Hyde and MDE have assembled a dedicated cult following. Their most viewed video features Hyde giving a lecture for a TEDx event at Temple University. After convincing the event’s organizers that he was an award-winning journalist, he showed up in a suit of costume armor and proceeded to incessantly mock liberal do-gooders for the next 20 minutes.

In other videos, Hyde pushes the comfort levels of his audience. In one of his more infamous performances, Hyde appears at a Brooklyn comedy club and proceeds to simply read pages of anti-gay propaganda to a room full of trendy, arrogant hipsters. It’s clear to anyone who follows MDE regularly that the whole routine was simply performance art meant to discomfort American society’s most comfortable. Think of it as a “Piss Christ” for the left. Regardless of how you feel about Hyde’s bits, you should at least acknowledge that Hyde is doing something different and subversive—something that comedians and art aficionados should appreciate.

When Cartoon Network announced that they were giving Hyde and MDE a trial season for their first cable series, it finally seemed like the troupe was getting some semi-mainstream recognition. The show, Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, premiered on August 5 and was true to MDE’s irreverent comedic style. No one could argue that MDE sold out or moderated their content for a larger audience. It was as funny as ever.

And its rating reflected this. The show got over a million viewers, which made it the number two original series. Not too bad for a program that airs at 12:15 am on a Friday. Hyde and his fans were talking about ideas for a second season.

Such success, however, didn’t go unnoticed by liberal journalists, who saw an opportunity to virtue signal. And what’s a better way to virtue signal than to destroy the very thing that offends you?

“The Alt-Right Has Its Very Own TV Show on Adult Swim” declared Joseph Bernstein at Buzzfeed. You see, Hyde is an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter. He accurately predicted Trump’s victory and regularly tweets and retweets slogans and news stories supporting the president-elect.

Sure, Hyde dabbles in conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health and Pizzagate. But Hyde is no neo-Nazi like Richard Spencer, and nothing I’ve seen over the years suggests he harbors any views remotely close to white supremacy. At the same time, Hyde’s beliefs are far from the kind of insular thinking a dweeb like Bernstein might hear at his neighborhood coffee shop.

But because World Peace was different, Bernstein believed it had to go away.

Bernstein even acknowledged in his reporting that “none of the episodes” he had seen yet “touched on politics or the alt-right.” Yet, “they [were] hardly…in good taste.”

“Taste” being a code word for what Bernstein, comedic scholar and intellectual bellwether, finds appropriate for viewers’ consumption. And sure, the show is popular among 4chan basement dwellers and Twitter users whose avatars feature an anime character wearing a red Make America Great Again hat, but that’s the only evidence Bernstein and other journalists had to declare World Peace an “alt-right” series. Such charges of guilt by association would be just as unfair as if I called Full Frontal with Samantha Bee a television show for women who don’t bathe regularly.

After two more articles on the show from Bernstein, a wave of coverage from publications like The Atlantic and Business Insider (all with the same BS alt-right line), and pressure from some of Cartoon Network’s talent and executives, Time Warner decided to axe the series this month. In other words, the left’s disinformation campaign succeeded.

The saga of MDE is a tragic one. After years and years of perfecting their craft, the brains behind MDE were cruelly cut down by a nerd with a keyboard and a political agenda.

Yet as anyone who has only briefly studied comedy or the arts knows: The artist and his great work will always outlast the critics.