‘House of Cards’ Creator Beau Willimon Puts Career on Hiatus To Be Anti-Trump Activist

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By Heat Street Staff | 4:56 pm, December 7, 2016
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Beau Willimon, creator of Netflix’s hit political drama House of Cards and its showrunner for the first four seasons, is one prominent liberal particularly affected by Donald Trump winning the Presidency.

In a move as surprising as when the feminist Russian punk rock group Pussy Riot appeared in an episode of House of Cards, Willimon has formed the Action Group Network, a progressive political organization that aims to provide a “vocal, active, united opposition” to Trump.

Screenwriter and showrunner Willimon exited House of Cards in acrimonious circumstances a year ago following reports of creative tension. Doubtless he has numerous TV and theater projects on the go, but he has put them on the back burner to fight the President-elect.

The Action Group Network, via its website, states its purpose is to  ‘motivate and facilitate a Culture of Action through a network of Action Groups.’

The Action Group Network is vague about what it will do and what it wants to achieve. Its website states: “The [action] groups themselves will decide what actions they work on. Examples would be things like: working on a local election, fundraising for a larger organization, letter and phone-banking campaigns, and so on….we will also provide information about larger pre-existing organizations to team up with, and specific actions/events taking place around the country.”

While House of Cards never shirked from being bracing television, Willimon shies away from naming Trump directly although he did enthusiastically respond to a Tweet from a supporter calling the President-elect an ‘orange madman.’

But he does claim on the website: “The response nationwide has been overwhelming–people from dozens of states and cities who want to get active right away.”

California-based Willimon has visited Action Group Network meetings in Los Angeles and San Francisco while there are events planned in Charlotte, NC, and Berkshire, Massachusetts.

The Action Network Group is attempting to influence the outcome of the Louisiana Senate runoff election this Saturday:

Willimon’s career has come full circle with his latest move. Prior to screenwriting, he worked as a junior staff member for former DNC Head Howard Dean, an experience he mined for his 2008 play Farragut North, which was adapted by George Clooney for his 2011 film The Ides of March.

Whether the Action Network Group will change anything at all beyond the schedules of its members is doubtful; whether Willimon will get plenty of fresh material from his progressive comrades for his next creative enterprise is undeniable.