Golden Globes: Jimmy Fallon Compares Trump to Wicked Boy King in ‘Game of Thrones’

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By Emily Zanotti | 8:36 pm, January 8, 2017

Perhaps fearing that Donald Trump’s core demographic would tune out his Golden Globes performance, cautious comedian Jimmy Fallon scaled back his criticism of the incoming President during his opening monologue. But he couldn’t resist a jab at the President elect, comparing him to the evil boy king, Joffrey Baratheon, in “Game of Thrones”.

Citing Game of Thrones (a Globes nominee), Fallon quipped, “What would it have been like if King Joffrey,” who was murdered by poison, “had lived? Well, in twelve days we’re going to find out.”

But overall, Fallon’s monologue was a tame one. After telling the Hollywood press that he was “sure” there would be Trump jokes just yesterday, Fallon relied on more tired criticisms of the President-elect. Opening his speech, Fallon noted that Hollywood remained “the one place where people respect the popular vote.”

He also poked fun at Trump’s troubles in booking talent for his inaugural festivities, joking that Florence Foster Jenkins, the eponymous character in a nominated Meryl Streep biopic had passed on an invite. “Its a character dubbed worlds worst opera singer, and even she turned down Donald Trump’s inauguration,” Fallon claimed.

Closing out, Fallon took a parting shot at Russian influence on the Presidential elections, noting that the Golden Globe ballots were being “tabulated by Ernst and Young and Putin.”

Regardless of the groan-inducing writing, the audience of Hollywood’s A-list whooped and hollered at Fallon’s jabs.

But ratings have been steadily dropping for the awards show over the past several years, and while Hollywood remains staunchly convinced that Hillary Clinton won the election, middle America still consumes their movies, television shows and concerts. With Fallon at the helm, it’s clear not only Fallon, but the Golden Globes themselves may have been playing it safe.

Of the late night hosts, Fallon has long been accused of being the most “favorable” toward the Republican President-elect. Saturday, even Salon published an article warning that the “mainstream” Fallon might use his platform at the Globes to normalize Trump’s incoming Presidency.