Will ‘Lion King’ Remake Be Even Gayer Than the Already Incredibly Gay ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

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By William Hicks | 1:41 pm, April 26, 2017
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Disney just keeps getting gayer and gayer.

Its latest live action remake of Beauty and the Beast had the studio’s first “exclusively gay moment” and a cartoon on the Disney Channel featured their first “exclusively gay kiss.” But with all this gayness, Disney will be expected to up the gay ante in their next film.

Fortunately for Disney, they’re currently developing a live action Lion King, and Lion King is obviously one of the gayest stories ever. With this film, Disney has a chance to portray nearly half the cast as exclusively gay men.

Timone and Pumbaa- GAY

Timone and Pumbaa are the obviously gay. Even in the original animated film they are clearly represented as a monogamous homosexual couple.

Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen signed on Tuesday to voice Timone and Pumbaa in the movie.  While Eichner is an out of the closet gay man, Rogan is most likely gay for James Franco, so he fits the bill or whatever.

According to JezebelTimone and Pumbaa’s backstory “in which they’re ostracized by the bigots in Pride Rock and prohibited from living their ‘life of sin’ within Mufasa’s kingdom,” is expected to be explored in the upcoming remake.


Scar- GAY 

by Nuller4444-bases on DeviantArt


According to multiple authorities on gayness like Everyday Feminism and Margins Magazinethe villain Scar is “queer-coded.” This means he has all the trappings of a gay man without an explicit confirmation.

Think about it, even when he becomes the king of pride rock he still doesn’t take a mate or have kids. And in the beginning of the film he was jealous of his brother Mustafa for being more handsome, I think, leading to the grisly betrayal.

Scar also makes a lot of gay hand gestures and talks all gay too.


Zazu- GAY

Zazu is another character who never appears having heterosexual sex in the original film. In early scenes, Zazu was implied to be the sub to Mustafa’s dom. Later in the film after Mustafa’s untimely end, Zazu became Scar’s submissive.


Rafiki- GAY

There’s no real reason for Rafiki to be gay, but at this point, Lion King may as well be as gay as possible.


Simba – NOT GAY

This is non-negotiable. Simba has to be heterosexual. The plot would make NO sense if Simba couldn’t make babies. The whole story revolves around the “circle of life” and gay adoption is NOT part of that circle.

PinkNews played an April Fools prank, claiming Simba would be gay in the new movie. Reaction on the Internet was pure outrage, as it should be.

Simba can NEVER be gay. Every single other Lion King character, however, should be.

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