Fake Racism: BET Gets Absolutely Trolled About ‘Luke Cage’

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By Kyle Foley | 12:43 pm, October 4, 2016

With their latest superhero show, Luke Cage, Marvel and Netflix have created a masterpiece. The show, which features black superhero Luke Cage and his intriguing superpower of impervious skin, does a great job of portraying the everyday struggles of minorities without being overly preachy. It also does an excellent job of making you care deeply about the safety of a seemingly invincible superhero.

But not everyone is a fan of the show, and BET would have you believe that some of that is racially motivated.

The article, titled “Disgusting! Some White People Are Complaining That Luke Cage Is ‘So Black,'” tries to make the case that there are plenty of white racists that hate the show because it focuses on black issues, takes place in Harlem, and the main character, as well as most of the supporting characters, are black. They even included some tweets to show how widespread this epidemic is.

How dare these horrible racists spew their hate on the internet. BET did us all a service by exposing them, right? Well, no. Not at all actually. These three examples of “disgusting” white racists were actually all attempts to troll social justice warriors. I spoke to @CommanderLovely about their remarks, asking if the comment was sarcasm and if it was really just an attempt to “troll” people. The response I got was “lol most definitely. I love the show.”

I can see how BET may have missed that one, and the @RockersThompson account they featured in the second tweet is also not 100% clear, but the third one was just poor research by the writer. If you look at @apronikas’ tweet, you will see a response was posted the next day saying that “this was a joke btw”

It’s not just BET that tried to claim these jokes constituted rampant racism. Bossip wants you to laugh at these white people and Oxygen claims “white racists: 0 Luke Cage: 1,000,000,000” It’s just a shame they were so focused on their own agenda that they missed the incredible irony in all of this.

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