Probation For Ex-Playboy Playmate Who Body Shamed Old Woman in Locker Room

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:44 am, May 25, 2017
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A former Playboy model accused of snapping a picture of a naked 70-year-old woman at a gym and posting it on social media with a snide comment was placed on three years probation on Wednesday after pleading guilty to invasion of privacy.

Dani Mathers, a 30-year old model who won 2015 Playmate of the Year, was also ordered to perform 30 hours of graffiti removal as part of a plea bargain.

The Snapchat shot in question. Source: Snapchat

Last year Mathers prompted public outrage after she took a picture of a nude woman from behind at the Los Angeles’ LA fitness gym. She later posted it to Snapchat with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

Next to the shot, Mathers added a photo of herself laughing at the poor woman, whose nude picture was unknowingly circulated all over the internet.

The cruel post drew a barrage of criticisms on social media, with people accusing Mahers of body-shaming.

LAPD then reportedly located the woman in the picture following the incident. She then decided to press charges agains the model, and has miraculously remained anonymous throughout the ordeal.

Mathers was subsequently banned from LA Fitness gyms and fired from her job as a radio host on LA station KLOS.

She has since apologized for her action, saying in a tweet: “I’m sorry for what I did. I need to take some time to myself now to reflect on why I did this horrible thing.”

“I understand fully the magnitude of this post that I have hurt a lot of people, women. Body shaming is not okay…and not something to joke about,” she continued.

The ex-Playmate said she accidentally shared the picture publicly due to a technical snafu.