Don’t Expect Alex Jones’ Audience to Abandon Him—Even If His Radio Persona Turns Out to Be Just an Act

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By Stephen Miller | 2:21 pm, April 17, 2017

“He’s playing a character, he is a performance artist.”

That’s reportedly what Alex Jones’ attorney, Randall Wilhite, told the judge on behalf of his client, who is involved in a custody dispute with his ex-wife Kelly Jones over their three children. So Alex Jones is acting out an id to millions of fans and listeners every day, while scantily believing the things he is actually saying. 9/11 and Sandy Hook trutherism? Just kidding.

Wilhite stated, while defending his client in the pre-trial hearing, that judging Jones’ fitness as a parent based on his radio persona “would be like judging Jack Nicholson in a custody dispute based on his performance as the Joker in ‘Batman.”’

Keeping in mind all sorts of accusations fly during custody battles, none of which turn out good for either party, there is speculation this could be extremely damaging to Jones and the Infowars brand. After all, he’s the only game in town for what’s really happening in the deep state bowels of our reptilian overlords in government, who keep turning the frogs gay and controlling us with chem trails and fluoride.

But anyone who is seriously speculating that Jones’ audience will abandon him over this self admission, forced or not, hasn’t been paying attention the past two years. And they certainly don’t understand the fevered levels of devotion that Jones’ audience has for him. Heavy lies the tin-foil crown of the king who sits alone in his media kingdom. If anything, the prospect of losing Jones, without a suitable heir to carry forth, will only make his millions of followers dig in deeper.

It’s like the first time people find out that the WWE is carefully choreographed, athletic stagecraft. At first they may feel betrayed that what they are witnessing isn’t 100% spontaneous, authentic battle of muscles and wills. But that all subsides the first time a flying sumo elbow from the top buckle squarely lands on a jaw in a long anticipated title match. That’s what will happen with Jones.

He may have to issue an on-air statement regarding these claims and admissions of theatrics, but the first time he grunts, bellows and throws a metaphorical elbow in the direction of the Washington, D.C., Swamp monsters or Unholy Satan’s offspring Chelsea Clinton, all will be forgiven.

The truth of who Jones is won’t matter. It’s the bang for the buck. Are you not entertained? This has always been the thing mainstream cable media has never understood, while scratching their heads over the election results and crowing about “fake news” for the past five months.

To his audience, Jones is more entertaining than they are. While legacy media makes bold declarations about being reinvigorated by Democracy not dying in Whatever anymore, it’s a tacit admission that for the majority of the time Barack Obama occupied the White House, they simply chose to look away from possible wrongdoing and scandal on behalf of his White House. Syria, Benghazi, IRS targeting, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, VA deaths, OPM hacks, Secret Service misbehavior, Libya, Russian Flexibility, the 80’s called—all of it.

Legacy media chose protectionism and, as a result, the audience lost faith in their ability to give a straight answer, whether it be in newspapers, online or on cable news. To use another Joker analogy about Jones, in their desperate search for truth, people turned to a man they didn’t fully understand who at the very least entertained them on the radio. The third step to reaccepting Jones and the theater of the absurd will be his listeners claiming they were always in on the joke with him.

In their view, he’s the victim of a predatory ex-wife who gets $43k a month in child support and “is broke,” a woman who is looking to score a payday and drain the Infowars super supplement brand dry.

The answer to those speculating and chuckling about the demise of Jones is simply that history has proven otherwise, and legacy media, still straining to regain the credibility they forfeited during the Obama years, are in no position to point and laugh at him. The WWE didn’t go away with the emergence of UFC, and Jones isn’t going to go away after admitting his theories about Sandy Hook and the World Trade Center, Boston Marathon & vaccines are all simply just a persona created for the purposes of entertainment, an Ultimate Warrior of mass media.

Jones will continue to have the ear and adulation of millions of loyal listeners, one of whom just happens to sit in the Oval Office.