Danzig Defends Trump on Travel Ban, Attacks Planned Parenthood

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By Joe Simonson | 1:10 pm, May 30, 2017

Legendary punk and metal musician Glenn Danzig doesn’t care much about fitting in.  Back in his days as frontman for horror-punk band Misfits, Danzig wailed about rotting corpses, murder, and alien invasions in graphic detail.  Basically, Misfits sounded like an R-rated movie your mom wouldn’t let you go see.

This holiday weekend, Danzig was back and horrifying people once again—except instead of protective mothers, it was liberals.  In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Danzig discussed his new album Black Laden Crown and his thoughts on President Trump and Planned Parenthood.

Glenn Danzig (R) and Doyle von Frankenstein (L) of punk band The Misfits. (Getty Images)


“It’s really not a travel ban,” Danzig said in reference to the president’s executive order barring individuals from some Muslim countries from entering the United States. “When you walk into the country, we want to see who you are and what you’re doing. Well, when I go to every country right now, they look at me and they see whether I can come in or not. And I’ve been turned away from Canada and other places before. Where’s my protest? Where’s my parade?”

Although Danzig made it clear he’s no Trump supporter, he’s nonetheless tired of the “stupidity” of the president’s critics (hear! hear!).

Earlier in the interview, the controversy about the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood’s alleged practice of selling the parts of aborted children.  Frankly, I’m surprised the interviewer didn’t shut the whole thing down with this comment from Danzig:

“I’m pro-abortion and I’m pro-Planned Parenthood. But I don’t think Planned Parenthood should be selling baby parts like a chop shop in Brooklyn, OK?”

You gotta hand it to Danzig, not too many rock stars would be willing to go after leftist sacred cows like Planned Parenthood.  At the same time, that’s what punk was always (and should always) be about.

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