Creepy YouTuber Onision Tells ‘Haters’ to Kill Themselves, Issues Takedown Notice to Critic

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 3:41 pm, December 31, 2016
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Onision wants his “haters” (that’s us!) to kill ourselves because we dared criticize him for making a fortune off commenting on the semi-nude bodies of underage girls. In his videos, he sometimes referred to girls as young as 13 as having “Shrek bodies” for being slightly overweight.

After our report on the creepy YouTuber’s gallery of young teens in their underwear, Onision promised to stop making them. Onision, a 31 year old Washington state native whose real name is Gregory Daniel Jackson, released a tearful video saying “I’m not doing this anymore” following criticism of his “work.”

Yet just days later, he resumed making them and bashed his critics as “haters,” while furiously retweeting anyone who sent him messages of support.

Then, under an avalanche of criticism, Onision snapped and went on a Twitter rampage, punctuating it with the following tweet:

Onision then published a video titled “I deserve an apology,” in which he demanded his critics apologize to him. The narcissistic YouTuber believes he is doing young women a service.

Following our report, other personalities on YouTube have come down hard on the female body inspector, and have published their own videos. Blaire White released a video calling him out as a “creepy a**hole.”

White wasn’t the only YouTuber to criticize Onision for his activities on the social media platform. Bearing, an Australian commentator, also covered the scandal. Fellow YouTuber Andy Warski described Onision as “one of the creepiest YouTubers ever.”

Blaire White revealed today that Onision is now attempting to get her video taken down on grounds that it violates his privacy. YouTube is complying with his request and gave her 48 hours to “remove or edit the private information” disclosed within her video under the threat of account suspension.

Ironically, Onision had little to say about his refusal to remove images of a teenage girl whose sister begged him to remove her from one of his videos. The video, images included, remains online for his millions of subscribers and future viewers.

Will the girls he’s victimized ever receive justice?

Perhaps he may respond to those who ask such questions by telling them to commit suicide. We have no intention of doing that.