Chiefs’ Chris Conley on Trump: ‘That Is Not Locker Room Talk’

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By Joel Thorman | 10:27 am, October 10, 2016
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It was only a matter of time until we talked about the 2016 Presidential race in this space. Sunday night’s debate between Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump brought out some comments from Chris Conley. His comments were aimed at Trump and the tape that came out recently that he has described as “locker room talk”.

Just for reference. I work in a locker room (every day)… that is not locker room talk. Just so you know…

— Chris Conley (@_flight17_) October 10, 2016

Have I been in every locker room? No. But the guys I know and respect don’t talk like that. They talk about girls but not like that. Period.

— Chris Conley (@_flight17_) October 10, 2016

Apart from this debate and apart from the election. I’m appalled how many of you are tweeting me that talking and acting that way is ok

— Chris Conley (@_flight17_) October 10, 2016

I’m done. If that’s the talk you hear around you then be the place where change begins. Regardless of this election let’s be a better people

— Chris Conley (@_flight17_) October 10, 2016

Apart from everything he said – which is 100 percent accurate – note that last line. Let’s be better.

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