14 Celebrities You’d Think Would Be Voting for Hillary Clinton but Aren’t

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By Gabriel Bell | 9:38 pm, October 17, 2016

So, yes, there’s a lot of celebrity Republicans who, even if they can’t pull the lever for Trump, certainly won’t be siding will Hillary this election cycle. No surprise there. But there’s more than a few recognizable, non-Republican figures from movies, TV, sports and other entertainment fields who also won’t be backing Clinton come November 8.

Surprisingly, a good number of the names below are either liberal, anti-establishment, or right in the Democratic candidate’s core demo. Sorry, Hill, but these famous faces just are #notwithher.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon

A famous, furious Bernie Sanders supporter, Sarandon has repeatedly said she sees little difference between Trump and Clinton. She has claimed that the Democratic candidate may indeed be the more dangerous of the two, and let everyone know she won’t vote with her…um… ladyparts. She’s been mum on whom she’ll vote for since the Democratic National Convention, but it’s a good bet that Hillary isn’t her gal.

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen
The Lord of the Rings star was also a big Sanders supporter in the buildup to the Convention and, with all his progressive and environmental clout, made a compelling case for the Vermont senator. In the aftermath of Clinton’s nomination, he’s since gone Green, announcing his endorsement of Jill Stein.

Killer Mike

Killer Mike

Much like the two celebs above, the Run The Jewels rapper was a vocal Berner, famously leading rallies, doing interviews, and basically being the candidate’s coolest advocate. He also has expressed strong doubts about Clinton’s racial politics, which is perhaps why he’s now backing Stein and hoping to take his cadre of followers with him.

Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone
Once upon a time, the JFK director was an outsider member of the Democratic party, happy to play his politics on the fringes. But, oh man, Stone has gotten more fringed and frayed the older he’s gotten and, despite the fact that most of the people who enjoy his work are in Hillary’s camp, he’s taken his conspiracy-loving self over to the Green party this season.

Cornel West

Cornel West
Cornel West is more than just one of America’s most well-known academics and perhaps the foremost voice on race in our country. He’s a bona-fide star whose speeches and appearances go viral among his many fans and followers. But he’s not with either Trump or Hillary. This cycle, he’s backing Stein (currently polling at less than 1%) for her focus on income inequality.

Drew Carey

Drew Carey Tapes "The Price is Right - Million Dollar Spectaular"
One of America’s friendlier faces, Drew Carey has often used his sitcom to surface socioeconomic issues with somewhat liberal bent. (No, really, he did! Look it up.) You might even expect him to be an Ellen-style Democrat. And, yet, peel back that surface just a little and you’ve got a raging Libertarian who’s going full-bore for Gary Johnson.

Pen and Teller

Penn and Teller
Similar to Carey in some ways, the alt-magic duo has been anti-establishment since they first landed on the scene and have used their various shows to skewer both right-wing and left-wing fringe theories and obsessions. You’d think that would set them up for voting for the aggressively centrist Clinton. Wrong. This cycle they are casting with Johnson.

Melissa Joan Hart

The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards - Red Carpet
Somewhere along the line, the Nickelodeon darling transformed from adorable, precocious teen star to heavily Christian, staunchly conservative commentator with an angle towards the Red-State mom. Once a Romney supporter, she’s now officially endorsed the Libertarian candidate.


Raven Symone
A self-professed “queer” person of color, Raven-Symoné is complicated in that one minute she seems to be all in on LGBT issues, black causes and women’s rights, and then the next, she says something that seems to go against all that. She’s already claimed she’ll leave the country if Trump gets elected so she’s voting for…Gary Johnson? See what we mean?

Kenny Smith

Turner Upfront 2015 - Green Room
On top of being a legendary basketball player and equally good commentator, Kenny Smith has a pretty illuminated and balanced take on racial issues. His words on the black “struggle” in America have gained praise from both sides of the aisle. And, yet, he’s out there helping to raise funds for Johnson, a guy who doesn’t really seem to have a plan for fixing any of the associated problems.

Krist Novoselić

Krist Novoselic
The Age of Grunge was also the Clinton Era, and Nirvana, with Novoselić on bass, was among the more progressive, sensitive acts of the time. In Novoselić’s case, it’s possible that he was so progressive that he went off the left side of the spectrum and came 360°, oddly landing in the Libertarian camp. Despite having run for office as a Democrat and stumping for Obama, he’s backed Johnson this year.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Did you know that Van Damme is a staunch anti-globalist and a conspiracy theorist who thinks the Rothschilds run the world? It’s okay if you didn’t. Despite his avowed hate for rich, powerful families who seem above the law, he’s gone ahead and endorsed a man who is rich, powerful, and often brags about being above the law—Donald Trump.

Dennis Rodman

WE tv's Joint Premiere Party For Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars And David Tutera's CELEBrations
You’d think with his generally progressive attitude, love of socialist dictators, tattoos, and gender-bending ways, Dennis Rodman would want to get as far away from the Republican party as humanly possible. Then again, Dennis Rodman has never been a predictable or even sensible man. Much as he digs Kim Jong-un, he’s a big fan of Donald Trump (even though the businessman fired him on The Apprentice).


The Naked Cowboy

The Naked Cowboy Officially Changes His Underwear To Fruit Of The Loom's New Boxer Briefs
It’s not really surprising that the Naked Cowboy endorsed Trump over Hillary (he is a small business owner, after all). What’s surprising is that the Naked Cowboy (a guy who marches around Times Square in a 10-gallon hat, boots, underwear, and not much else), is on the record as having endorsed anyone.