Bill Nye the Science Guy Wants to Become Bill Nye the Fashion Guy

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 2:24 pm, February 2, 2017

Bill Nye’s science might be questionable, but his fashion sense is impeccable—so his jump to the runway makes complete sense.

Nye is a well-known 1990s icon, who, despite being an engineer by trade, hosted a show teaching chemistry and physics to the grade-school crowd. Nye has prolonged his relevance campaigning for science education and what he calls “science-based policy.”

But it’s Nye’s signature bow-tie that has really stood the test of time. Last week, Nye got to show off a couture version, designed by Nick Graham, as he walked the runway in Graham’s science-themed show during New York Fashion Week (Buzz Aldrin also appeared).

The fashion designer cast Nye to narrate his Mars-themed galactic runway show for Fall 2017, and the duo are collaborating on the upcoming Netflix documentary series Bill Nye Saves the World, where Nye will wear more of Graham’s outfits.

“He’s had such an amazing and positive impact on millions of people and their understanding of science,” said Graham. “The more people know about science, the better off the planet will be.”

On the runway, Nye wore a space-inspired metallic-silver suit with, of course, his signature bow tie.

Nye, who says he owns around 500 bowties, explained his love of the fashion accessory in his Vogue interview. He told the publication that he first wore one in 11th grade when he served as a waiter at a banquet.

“I found the bow tie made me looked dressed up,” said Nye. “It also shows respect for those around you. And a bow tie does not slip into the soup or flop into a flask the way a straight tie does so easily.”

Despite the relative ostentatiousness of his suits on the runway, Nye says he still prefers wearing his lab coat to a suit. He told Vogue that he would wear one at all times, if it fit the situation. “They are practical and comfortable. I think the 100 percent cotton coats with breast pocket and cloth-knot buttons are just the best.”

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.