Bill Clinton’s Bizarre Man Crush on ‘300’ Star Gerard Butler

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 4:46 pm, December 22, 2016

Bill Clinton doesn’t seem to have been all that helpful to Hillary Clinton during her disastrous Presidential election campaign.

Now we might have partly found out why.  He might have been sacrificing time on the campaign trail and giving seasoned strategic advice to his wife in order to watch movies featuring Scottish B-list beefcake actor Gerard Butler, best known for 300 and London Has Fallen.

Butler has made the odd claim in an interview with UK website Coach that Clinton is a ‘big fan’ of his. “He was so charming and interesting, and in fact he’s a big fan,” Butler said about the former President.

“I saw him speak and he talked about having me in the audience and how I’d helped him!” Butler added. “But as a person one-on-one, he was just a fascinating man, but also really giving of his time.”

You might be wondering how on earth Butler could possibly “help” the  42nd President of the United States, apart from turning up to his charity events and whipping out his checkbook.

We have no idea except to note that Butler is renowned as an exceptional swordsman who is not known in Hollywood circles for abstaining from the company of women.

Butler has himself career-wise possibly endured an even worse year than Hillary Clinton. Swords and sandals epic Gods of Egypt, in which he starred, spectacularly flopped last spring while his corporate drama The Headhunter’s Calling remains unreleased following poor reviews at the Toronto Film Festival. Butler’s upcoming film space drama Geostorm could well be doomed having recently switched directors and reportedly spent $15 million on reshoots.

London Has Fallen- the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen– in which Butler played a secret service agent, was a hit in March but for Butler to take credit for that is akin to one of his LA-based female companions claiming responsibility for the Californian sunshine.

“Big fan” Bill will likely show up to Geostorm though. In 2009, E! gossip columnist Marc Malkin reported that Clinton’s office had requested a screener of The Ugly Truth, the flop comedy in which Butler starred alongside Katherine Heigl.