Artist Publishes Offensive Spoof Photos of Trump, Defies Him to Sue Her

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By Nahema Marchal | 10:14 am, December 10, 2016

Famed British artist Alison Jackson is no shrinking violet when it comes to caricature.

She recently self-published a book, Private, featuring explicit pictures of President elect Donald Trump despite being told that doing so could get her into legal trouble.

The 46 year-old award-winning artist, who is known for her subversive and realistic portraits of celebrity lookalikes, was advised by her lawyers against publishing her new “hard-hitting” collection for fear that the litigious president elect would sue.

It features risqué photos of a Donald Trump double hanging out with members of the Ku Klux Klan,  having sex with Miss Mexico in the Oval Office, or holding a rifle pointed at his political rival Hillary Clinton as well as portraits of other celebrities like Kanye West.

These are part of her wider picture series in which Jackson imagines Trump’s  life at the White House behind closed doors.

Jackson’s work explores the “cult” of fame created by the media and the publicity industry around the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous.

If she initially could not find a publisher that would release the satirical and deliberately provocative photographs, she went ahead with the publication anyway, in part to avoid compromising her artistic freedom.

“Nobody wants to be sued by the US President,” she told the Independent.

“[But] I don’t want to stop doing the work. I don’t think any artist or satirist, or anybody who sits outside the establishment, should have their artistic freedom stopped.”

According to USA Today analysis, Donald Trump and his associates have been involved in around 3,500 legal skirmishes in the past three decades over everything from his golf courses to Trump University, not forgetting many personal defamation lawsuits.

Earlier this year, another British artist Ilma Gore received thousands of death threats after her painting of a naked Trump with a vanishingly small penis went viral after she published it on her Facebook page. When she later attempted to sell the painting — which attracted bid of over 100,000 Great British Pounds — she was threatened with legal action from an anonymous person filing under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Although the release of Alice Jackson’s Private could not have been more timely (she self-published it at the end of October), it was not aimed at swaying Trump’s public image during the presidential elections. She said she spent months putting the collection together, including an entire year just trying to find the perfect Trump doppelganger.

Jackson has previously produced spoof images of the Royal Family, including some of Prince Charles and and the Duchess of Cornwall happily giving a bath to the Queen’s corgis, and more risqué shots of Camilla on the treadmill clutching a gin and tonic. She also photographed former soccer player David Beckham and Instagram queen Kim Kardashian.