Amy Schumer Upset With Comedian Friend’s Facebook Rape Views

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By WENN Newsdesk, WENN | 9:13 am, August 18, 2016

Amy Schumer has distanced herself from a comedian pal after he made controversial comments about women who have been sexually assaulted on social media.

Kurt Metzger, who is credited as a contributor on Amy’s U.S. TV sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, has come under fire for mocking a series of posts, which called out an alleged rapist and offered solidarity to survivors of sexual assault, written in response to news that had circulated in private Facebook groups that a comedian had been banned from Upright Citizens Brigade theaters following sexual assault claims.

Multiple complaints suggested the same man had raped several women over many years, and a host of Facebook users announced they believed the women, while others went on to share their own stories of surviving sexual assault.

Metzger took to Facebook with his own thoughts, writing: “Why aren’t the rape kits being tested?? Because instead of actually educating women with useful information on what to do if they are being victimized, you blather nonsense about ‘culture’ and then tell them being weak is being strong.”

After one blogger wrote a piece about his Facebook post, Metzger tweeted: “I’m talking to silly bloggers and everyone who yelled guilty without even hearing A STORY… U don’t need even one detail to go on? Not a name or number of victims or what they say happened? U just hear ‘rape’ and it’s on?”

Schumer was dragged into the controversy on Wednesday when fans started linking her to Metzger and asking for a comment. The Trainwreck star tweeted: “I am so saddened and disappointed in Kurt Metzger. He is my friend and a great writer and I couldn’t be more against his recent actions.” She later added, “Kurt does not work for me. He is not a writer on my show. Please stop asking me about it. His words are not mine.”

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