Amy Schumer Caught Stealing More Jokes for Netflix Stand Up Special

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By William Hicks | 11:28 am, March 15, 2017

Amy Schumer’s latest Netflix special, The Leather Special, has been slammed with poor reviews calling it “horribly unfunny.” But it also is getting hit with an even more career damaging accusation: joke stealing.

In the video below, two of Schumer’s bits are compared with old jokes told by Dave Attell and Dave Chappelle, and they appear quite similar.

In a 2003 set, Attell told the joke, “Do you ever black out while drinking, or as I call it time travel.”

Amy Schumer’s joke was “Has anyone ever blacked and been awake when they come out of it? It’s kind of cool cause you’re like a time traveler, and you’re just like, back in your body.”

Then in 2005, Dave Chappelle made a joke about having sex and his partner telling him “where to come.” Then he pointed to comical locations to shoot the cum, like on the TV and in a fish bowl. Schumer’s bit was very similar except she said, “in this jar.”

In both instances the Schumer variations were objectively less funny.

This isn’t the first time Schumer has been called out for stealing jokes. She has done bits in her stand up that are very similar to Patrice O’Neal,  John Mulaney and Marc Maron. Some of the sketches from her sketch show Inside Amy Schumer were also almost direct rip offs to Mad TV sketches and Kathleen Madigan bits. YouTube is riddled with instances of these kind of “similarities.”

While some stand up comedians were run out of town (Carlos Mencia) or publicly shamed (Dane Cook), Schumer has managed to weather the storm of accusations and build a exponentially successful career.

Hmmmm, I wonder why.

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