YouTuber Laci Green Slams ‘Everyday Feminism’ for Publicly Excommunicating Her

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 11:10 am, June 5, 2017

Feminist YouTuber Laci Green’s decision to reach across the political aisle and engage with individuals critical of her views has been met with a mixture of acceptance and skepticism—but mostly acceptance.

Critics of progressivism generally embrace discourse and debate as productive pursuits.

Laci Green

The same can’t be said of leftist feminists, who’ve taken to vilifying the popular YouTuber for “sleeping with the enemy,” both literally and figuratively. Green’s apparent closeness with non-social-justice YouTubers has led to misogynistic remarks reducing her to her sex, and stripping her of personal agency. This serves as the perfect example of how modern feminism isn’t empowering.

Everyday Feminism, the intersectional feminist vertical that would be a parody if it weren’t a hundred percent serious, publicly excommunicated Laci Green for questioning its orthodoxy and mingling with the enemy.

The website, which published articles informing readers of her videos, wrote a public apology of sorts for tweeting out a link to one of those old posts. When the tweet went up, feminists who follow the account on Twitter pointed out how Green was no longer one of them, Everyday Feminism deleted the tweet and wrote:

“Our bad, folks! We use a program that automatically tweets our older crossposts from time to time. Removing it now!”

“Thank you for the prompt action on this. It’s important to stand with marginalized folks when a fake ally turns on them,” wrote one of their fans.

“100% agreed!”, replied the cringe-inducing website that recently put out a call for financial help.

The echo chamber must be kept intact, lest independent thoughts penetrate the ideological bubble and cause people to think for themselves. The horror!

Those tweets prompted Green to call out their oppressiveness—something she’s been doing ever since she released her “Red Pill” video.

“Liberal feminist card: REVOKED!  Dialogue is OPPRESSIVE!  There’s NO SUCH THING as hating men!  Identity politics are VALID CRITICISM!” quipped Green on Twitter. “[I’m] looking forward to dragging all the blatantly anti-science bulls**t on this condescending ass website without feeling guilty.”

“This experience is unexpectedly helping me heal & let go of some toxic shit in my life. it feels like leaving Mormonism again,” wrote Green.

On, Green fielded questions from fans who asked her about how they could promote gender equality without supporting extreme feminist ideas. One person expressed her fear of criticizing other feminists.

“The witch hunts and censorship and labeling everyone a Nazi is actively hurting the causes feminists fight for,” replied Green. “[T]he silence is more harmful to feminism at this point [in my opinion]. My main beef with it comes from the sex [education] world. To me, caring about it means speaking up about toxicity within, even though that toxicity will likely turn itself on you. If you do decide to say something: my advice is to be as patient and self-aware as you can. Stay true to yourself, know what you stand for and who you are, and don’t let others bully you into silence on either side.”

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.