YouTuber Gets in Fight With Antifa at NYC May Day Protests, Police Build Wall to Bring Peace

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By William Hicks | 6:14 pm, May 1, 2017

Trump supporters and Antifas clashed briefly at Union Square in New York City during the May Day protests Monday.

Leftists, communist Antifa and other similar groups gathered in the park to advocate for workers rights and protest President┬áTrump’s immigration actions. Around midday a group of Trump supporters arrived, and the scene quickly devolved into violence.

Trump-supporting streamer and YouTuber Brittany Venti was arrested after appearing to hit an Antifa member. Video of the altercation, however, seems to show Venti getting hit first.

Police swept in and built a wall, ironically, around the Trump supporters to keep them separated from the other protesters. For the rest of the protest, the Trump supporters yelled at anti-Trumpers from across a barricade.

Thus peace was restored to Union Square. Maybe there’s something to this wall idea.