Yale University Sues Connecticut in Bid to Turn More Bathrooms Gender Neutral

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 6:11 am, July 3, 2017

Yale University has filed a lawsuit against the state of Connecticut after being blocked from turning most of its single-sex bathrooms into gender neutral ones.

The prestigious university filed an appeal to the state’s Superior Court  after the Connecticut government refused to give permission to turn all gender-assigned bathrooms into gender neutral toilets in a bid to accommodate LGBTQ students, the New Haven Register reported.

The state’s building code instructs all buildings to have a certain number of bathrooms labelled by gender. According to the current laws, if Yale decides to list all single-gender bathrooms as gender neutral, the school will have to build additional gender-exclusive bathrooms.

The university is arguing in the lawsuit that the school has no space for the new single-gender bathrooms and claims that a relief from the building code would help transgender people to use the bathroom.

A spokesman for Democrat Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy told Reuters that Yale’s appeal is likely to be successful.

“We stand firmly with Yale in their effort to create a more welcoming campus,” she said. “This has been a priority for Governor Malloy’s administration and, now that this issue has been brought to our attention, we are prepared to work with Yale toward a solution.”

The Ivy League university has decided to turn all bathrooms into gender neutral toilets after a progressive student group, OutLaws, successfully campaigned for the change and received a support from 25 other organizations in the state.

Rachel Luban, a member of the student group, told the Yale Daily News: “This feels important to me because it’s so basic — we want to use the bathroom in peace, without worrying about being late or running far afield just to pee.”