Woman Who Accused ‘Hugh Mungus’ of Sexual Harassment Raising Money to Fight Patriarchy

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 11:50 am, November 3, 2016
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Seattle-based Black Lives Matter activist Zarna Joshi, who accused the now-legendary “Hugh Mungus” of sexual harassment after he joked about his name, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fight the patriarchy.

Back in August, a video was revealed showing Joshi harassing a man at an event to mark the opening of a new police station in Seattle. After the man had spoken to media, Joshi asked him his name, and he jokingly responded “Hugh Mungus.” She promptly lost it, and also accused him of sexual harassment. The self-made controversy blew up in her face, with many people mocking the utter craziness of attacking the man for merely cracking a joke.

Her crowdfunding page, however, offers a different characterization of what happened. In the description, she claims ever since she “defended herself from a sexual harasser in public” (an apparent reference to Hugh Mungus), she has been subject to abuse from others.

“There has been widespread hate and character assassination directed at her in an attempt to terrorize and intimidate her into silence. Despite this, Joshi has been working to encourage her community to speak out against the patriarchal power structure so that women, people of color, and marginalized people do not have to live in fear of men and white supremacy,” she added. (Joshi apparently likes to refer to herself in the third person.)

She asks people to donate so they can contribute to her “safety and wellbeing as she continues to fight the threats towards her and all who suffer from the patriarchy.”

Joshi has also released videos responding to the controversy and explaining why her fight is important. In one of the videos, she says: “It’s become clear to me that a great deal of us suffer from the illness of the patriarchy.”

She also blames the patriarchy for other people thinking her encounter with Hugh Mungus was an overreaction on a grand scale. “Their main complaint was that I raised my voice, they questioned my sanity because I spoke up. A patriarchal society wants women to shut up,” she added.

So far her campaign has received $305. Now it’s up to the fellow feminists whether Joshi will reach that humongous goal of $1,000.